First, let’s make this clear. We do not charge fees. We do not have an application fee. We do not require a membership deposit. You do not need to pay an activation fee, handling fee or training fee. Anyone may apply and be hired if you have the equipment, skills, education and experience to work as a professional virtual assistant. And just in case you missed it, there are no fees. Zero. Zilch. So, please do not confuse VOT with a fee based job service. VOT services are free to the job seeker and free to the employer!

We need candidates who are familiar with any of the following office duties:

  • Word Processing and Data Entry/Clerical
  • Bookkeeping, Payroll and Accounting
  • Medical Billing & Coding, Transcription and Typing
  • Legal & Medical Assisting
  • General Office Work, Office Administration
  • Customer Support, Sales and Account Management
  • Internet Research, Web Administration and Management
  • Website Management, Design and Desktop Publishing
  • Many other areas of expertise are needed!

The Who

VOT (Virtual Office Temps) is a staffing and recruiting firm. Projects come to us from employers in need, we send Virtual Assistants to them to complete those projects. We’ve been in operation since 2001. In fact, we were one of the first virtual assistant staffing organizations online! We’ve built a fine reputation and our virtual assistants have completed thousands of jobs and projects.

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The What

Employers come to us when they need quick access to qualified help. We have thousands of experienced virtual assistants who can work on a full or part time, permanent or freelance basis. Simply Post Your Job and get free access to virtual assistants that match your needs and salary expectations. Pay no listing or headhunter fee.

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Our virtual assistants work in all sorts of capacities. We need home based staff who can type, prepare legal documents, do medical billing, complete presentations, do desktop publishing, make travel arrangements, provide office support, assist executives, handle computer coding and programming projects and so much more. If you have a great business or office skill, we could use it! Our virtual assistants usually make anywhere from $8.00 to $75.00 per hour depending on the project. (More for specialized expertise).

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The Why

Why hire a virtual assistant? Because it’s much easier than hiring a full time staff member, much cheaper than going to a traditional employment agency and much smarter than not completing the project at all because you couldn’t find qualified staff! It’s a no brainer.

For virtual assistants who wish to document their skills and qualifications, we offer an official Certification Program. Employers can feel confident that they are hiring a virtual assistant who is knowledgeable, skilled and meets all industry standards.

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The Where

Our virtual assistants work from home regardless of their location. To qualify, you MUST have certain skills, programs and equipment – most of which you probably already have, or can get for free or at little cost.

You simply must start with an excellent Virtual Assistant Resume or online portfolio. Your resume should be accomplishment based and focused on your area of expertise. Since you will not get the benefit of a face to face meeting with the hiring employer, your resume MUST do all the talking by highlighting your career accomplishments.

We offer Free Virtual Assistant Tips, Tools & Articles to help you get hired!

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And the How

Hiring Employers and Project Managers
Simply Post Your Job for free and let us know how you would like to be contacted. We will provide you with free access to our qualified virtual assistants that match your needs. You can contact them on your own or we can contact them for you – for free!

Once you Register with us you will be able to contact our virtual assistants via our online Virtual Assistant Directory, or post your project for free and let our virtual assistants come to you. LOGIN to see who has applied and review their qualifications, and then contact those that you feel are the best match for your project. There is no bidding! You are in full control – just post your project with your terms (including the timeline and payment that you are offering). Virtual Office Temps will not charge you a percentage or a finders fee! You are invited to post short term projects or traditional job opportunities. (Fee based offers, business opportunities, MLMs, incentive offers or similar opportunities are NOT permitted.)

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Virtual Assistant Job Seekers
You will need to Register (it’s free) and then complete your Resume Profile. You will then have access to all our our current assignments, jobs and projects. New projects are listed DAILY so login often for updates. We will also send you a weekly reminder via email of pending jobs and projects that need your attention.

We post plenty of tips and resources to help you get hired on our website. Read our BLOG regularly to learn about what you can do to increase your chances of being hired. You can also review our Help page for answers to our most common questions.

The Basics:

– An excellent Virtual Assistant Resume. Your resume should be accomplishment based and focused on your area of expertise.
– A degree or at least 2-3 years of experience in your field of interest. A certification is helpful but not required. Certification is NOT required. Read more about our certification program HERE

Minimum Requirements –
VOT Profile– you cannot apply for virtual assistant jobs without it!
Virtual Assistant Website– Required to be listed in our directory.
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Home Office – 
Virtual Assistant Monster Account– your resume must be posted and current