Best Free Visual Voicemail Apps For Virtual Assistants


By Mary Bader, 2019


Virtual Assistants are a busy breed, but you can’t answer every phone call that comes your way.

There are several free third-party apps on the market that efficiently translate voicemail messages you receive into text, but most phones on the market also have their own built-in visual voicemail options.

If you want to streamline the voicemail retrieval process, try one of these free visual voicemail solutions.

Why visual voicemail?

Back in the day, if you left a voicemail for someone, you would get a notification that you missed a call and had a message you had to listen to. And if you have more than one,  you had to listen to those voicemails in reverse chronological order.

But that can be a thing of the past. With visual voicemails, you don’t even need to dial anything to find out who left the call, how long the message is and what they said. You can listen to messages in any order. The first one of these apps was introduced way back in 2007 when it was added to the iPhone.

Android voicemail – Android

The Android operating system includes a native visual voicemail that lets you view voicemail messages in text form. You can view voicemails by going into the dialer and then selecting or swiping over to voicemails.

When you open each logged voicemail, you should see both a Play button (for listening to the message) and transcribed text of the message. If you have an older Android phone or if your service provider doesn’t offer visual voicemail, you can download a third-party app.

Google Voice – Android

Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, texting and voicemail. You must have a G Suite account, and text messaging isn’t supported in all geographical locations.

The key part of the voicemail system is that it transcribes fairly well. You can even have those transcriptions emailed to yourself. Google Voice is particularly useful for people who make a lot of international calls.

iPhone voicemail – iPhone

To access your iPhone’s built-in visual voicemail, open the dialer app and click the voicemail icon in the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll either be prompted to set up your visual voicemail inbox, or you’ll be connected to an audio-only automated voicemail system.

If the latter occurs, then visual voicemail is not provided by your carrier. If you still want to access visual voicemail, your best bet is to download a third-party option.

HulloMail – Android, iPhone

HulloMail is a solid third-party visual voicemail service with premium features for business subscribers. The free app lets you view your voicemail inbox at a glance and play a message’s audio. You can also manage your inbox and send a copy of a voicemail to your email.

Purchasing a business subscription ($5.99 per month or $59.99 per year) opens up a slew of new features, including unlimited cloud storage for your messages and full-text transcriptions.

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