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What is Medical Transcription

1. What is medical transcription?

1. What is medical transcription?
2. How does one become a medical transcriptionist?
3. What home training programs are available?

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4. Are there professional organizations for MTs?
5. What journals are available?
6. What companies publish or sell medical dictionaries and word books, and CDs?
7. What companies offer medical spellcheckers, electronic dictionaries, line counters, ergonomics, and other transcription equipment?
8. What is a C-phone? How is rerecording done?
9. What companies offer abbreviation programs?
10. Where are some of the job lists and national long-distance companies?
11. What companies hire new MTs?
12. What companies sell dictation and transcription equipment, and encryption software? 13. What are the services that help MT companies find new accounts, or help hospitals and clinics and doctors’ offices find MT services?
14. What books are needed?
15. What E-mail listservs are available?
16. Where can I find the E-mail addresses of MTs?
17. Where can I find a list of the web sites of MTs?
18. Where can I find new medical terms for MTs on the web?
19. Where can I find practice dictation tapes?
20. Where can I find websites with business information?
21. Where can I find physicians’ names and addresses?
22. What are the cheapest long-distance rates?
23. Where are practice tests found on the web?
24. Where can I find sticky transcription labels?
25. What are the transcription software programs?
26. Where can I find MT consultants and investors?
27. Where are some work-at-home websites?
28. What are some health information sites?
29. What are the new TASPS?
30. What health insurance is available for self-employed MTs?
31. What are the services that help MT companies find new accounts, or help hospitals and clinics and doctors’ offices find MT services?

1. What is medical transcription, how is it done, and what does it pay?

Medical transcription is the process whereby one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.

It involves receiving dictation by tape, digital system or voice file, and using ear phones, a foot pedal for start-stop control and a word processing program. A variety of word-processing systems are used. It requires good listening and language skills, computer skills and knowledge of medical terms.

Several dictionaries are necessary: Medical definitions, medications, medical terms by specialty, laboratory terms, surgical terms and abbreviations. Specialized word lists are also helpful, and journals and computer networking are helpful for current information about new medications and terms. Transcription is done more efficiently with the use of a medical spellchecker and an extensive abbreviation system such as Instant Text or Smartype.

As an employee in an office or hospital, transcriptionists may be paid by the hour. In the year 2000 in the United States, a starting transcriptionist in an office may make the equivalent of $8-12 per hour.

After two years of experience, one can expect to make the equivalent of $12-20 per hour in an office.

After two years of experience, one can expect to make the equivalent of $12-20 per hour in an office. National transcription companies usually require 1-5 years of hospital experience.

Statutory employee status is the same as independent contractor except that the company pays half of the FICA tax (about 7.5%) and withholds the other half. Independent contractors pay the 15% as self-employment tax. Self-employed transcriptionists provide their own benefits. They may start at the equivalent of $10-15 per hour (7-14c per line), and within several years can expect to earn $15-40 per hour, depending upon the type of work and equipment used. Quarterly payments on taxes and self- employment taxes are required. Equipment expenses are tax deductible, including a percentage of home expenses if working at home.

Occupational Outlook Handbook on MT,
Chart comparing IC and employee salaries,

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2. How does one become a medical transcriptionist?

For an experienced word processor, it is possible to learn medical transcription while working in an entry-level position, but it is rare because of the need to learn medical vocabulary and formats. Some colleges and hospitals offer classes, and there are several home-study courses available.

MTs work in doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and transcription services. They also work from home, usually after 2-3 years of experience in an office or hospital. With more experience, MTs go on to teach, supervise, consult, edit and write in the field.

How to Be a Medical Transcriptionist, book by Cynthia Peavler Bull,

Medical Transcription, Getting Started, book by AnnaBelle Berg, http://medical-transcription-

How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist, book by George Morton, CMT,, 609-924-4748,, Interview, 11/98

Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home, book by Michele Miller, http://www.medical-

How to Start Your Own Home Medical Transcription Business, ebook by Ellen Jeffreys,

Medical Transcription, Getting Started, book by Annabelle Berg, http://medical-transcription-

Home Medical Transcription E-Book Strategies For Establishing And Managing A Home-Based Medical Transcription


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3. What home training programs are available?

Questions to ask schools: Local: Junior college and trade school classes are available locally.

Local: Junior college and trade school classes are available locally.
California: South Coast College,, 1380 S. Sanderson Ave.,

Anaheim, CA 92806, 714-635-6464,

California: Santa Barbara, Gail N. Shannon,, fax: 805-569-7867

Georgia: Georgia Center Gatlin Course:

Illinois: Career Colleges of Chicago, 11 E. Adams, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60603-6301,(312) 895-6310, (312) 895-6301 (fax)

Texas: Shirley Baker Career Institute, 11500 Northwest Freeway, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77092 713- 680-2900

Texas: The Transcription Connection, 2646 South Loop West, Ste. #150 Houston, TX 77054, (713) 660-0355 Wendolyn Ann Smith, Director

New York: Queens College,, City University of New York, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367, 718, 997-5000.

New York: Stenotopia,, 45 South Service Road, Plainview, N.Y. 11803, 800-349-1117, Fax: 777-1145.

Pennsylvania: Bidwell Training Center, 1815 Metropolitan, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, 412 323-4000, is an accredited, nonprofit, state and corporate-funded program.

Virginia: MT Support Services,, 15401 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23608, 800-427-1039.

Washington: Everett Community College, (866) 304-EVCC, London:
On-Line and Correspondence Courses:

Andrews School,, Linda Andrews, 5601 NW 72nd #167, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, 405-721-3555. Dial 999 when the recorded message starts. You will hear a series of beeps. The system should allow you to leave a message if no one answers.

At-Home Professions, home-study course, 2001 Lowe Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525. 1-800-333- 2846, Fax 1-970-223-1678. Includes audio cassettes, lessons, text materials and flashcards. Susan Henry,

Blackboard.Com,, free online medical terminology courses.
Brighton College, 3855 Fishcreek Road, Stow, OH 44224, phone:

800-231-3803 fax: 330-673-4833

CAI Transcription, Cheryl Izzo,, 609-698-6544, 116 Stillwater Road, Barnegat, NJ 08005., CanScribe Career Centre Inc., British Columbia, Canada phone. 250.860.1535 fax. 250.860.4712, toll free. 1.800.466.1535

Career Step,, 1220 North Main Street, Suite 6, Springville, Utah 84663, 801- 489-9393, Fax

489-9393, Fax
Central Business School,, Central Business School,

906, 226-5270,
Education Direct,, 800 889-9593, FAX 570-343-8462, P.O.

Box 1900, Scranton, PA 18501
Garb Transcription,,, (415) 927-8132.

GMT Distance Learning Center,, PO Box 1421 Kaunakakai, HI 96748. Toll free 877-779-8779, direct 808-660-6603,

Kamtek MT Training,, Bellevue, WA, 425, 814-2239,, Kathy Johnson.

Laird’s School,, 1565 Highway, 37 West, Suite 2, Toms River, NJ 08755, 800-209-9899, fax 732-818-1825,

List of MT Courses:
Med-Line School of Medical Transcription, 12006 Annette Road, Angleton, TX 77515, 888-220-

Medical Transcription A to Z,, 4022 E. Greenway, #11-168, Phoenix,

AZ 85022, 800, 484-9731, Deborah Burns,
Medical Transcription Education Center, M-TEC, a 3-tiered program, Susan

Francis,, or, and Kathy Kropko, Medical Transcription Made Easy:

Meditech, Inc., Personal Edge Course,, 1572 South 400 East, Kaysville, UT 84037, 801, 451-9858, Info@Meditec.Com.

MediTrans,, P.O. Box 99, 43 Main Street, Richmond, ME 04357, 207, 737- 2381, fax 207, 737-2736, Pamela Lewis,

MedTrans,, Park-Youhanaie Enterprises, 4025 East Chandler Boulevard, Suite #70-A27, Phoenix, Arizona 85048,, (480) 777-9110, (877) 331-4222 Fax:(480) 759-3035.

MT Advantage Career Center: 460 McLaws Circle Williamsburg, VA 23185 Call toll- free (877) 336-8222

MT Support Services,, 15401 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23608, 800-427-1039.

SETT, Inc.,, Recruiter: Murrell Whelan, 39 Lincolnshire Circle, Bedford, TX 76021,, 817-781-9976. Instructor: Janet Stiles, SETT, Inc., 424 Country Side Lane, Richardson, TX 75081-5530.

The School of Medical Transcription, Professional Career Development Institute, Atlanta, GA., 1-800-223-4542. Ask for Dept. XXJ909.

The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training,, developed by Health Professions Institute, P. O. Box 801, Modesto, CA 95353-0801. Phone (209) 551-2112; fax

Health Professions Institute, P. O. Box 801, Modesto, CA 95353-0801. Phone (209) 551-2112; fax (209) 551-0404. E-mail Other web site:

Transcription Services,, Stephanie Jewett, 4615 Beaver Crest

Drive, Des Moines, IA 50310, 515-255-0525.
Wolfe q.d. Transcription,, 20 practice tapes. Debbie Wolfe,, 407-657-6564.

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4. Are there any organizations for MTs

On-line MTs are researching and networking through email, newsletters, state boards, forums and web sites.

AHDI, The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (formerly AAMT), http://www.aamt.orgwas founded in 1978. 4230 Kiernan Ave. Suite 130, Modesto, CA 95356. Toll Free: 800, 982-2182. Fax: 209, 527-9633. Professional members receive the bimonthly Health Data Matrix (formerly the Journal of the Association for American Medical Transcription) and Plexus, Where Health Information Experts Come Together; access to AHDI’s professional staff; discounts on products and services; educational conferences; information on local and state component associations; an examination to become either a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) or a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT); and opportunities to serve at the local and national level and so much more.

MTIA, Medical Transcription Industry Association, for MT Services: The MTIA office administration is handled by the AHDI professional staff at 4230 Kiernan Ave. Suite 130, Modesto, CA 95356. Toll Free: 800, 543-6842. Fax: 209, 527-9633.

HPI, Health Professions Institute, offers reference books and training materials for medical transcription, as well as a free e-zine, Perspectives on the Medical Transcription Profession. P. O. Box 801, Modesto, CA 95353-0801. Phone (209) 551-2112; fax (209) 551-0404. E-mail,

AHIMA, American Health Information Management Association,, 919 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60611, 312, 787-3672,

HIMSS, The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society,, 230 East Ohio, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60611-3269, 312/664-HIMS, Fax 312/664-6143,

Health Information Management Supersite,, OPUSCOMM Online, 200 Hoods Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945 USA, Phone: 800/650-6787, Fax: 800/639-8511.

Medical Records Institute,, Medical Records Institute, 567 Walnut Street, P.O. Box 600770, Newton, MA 02460, 617, 964-3923, Fax 617, 964-3926,

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5. What journals are available?

Monthly Prescribing Reference,, 800-436-9262, Prescribing Reference, Inc., 53 Park Place, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10007 USA, Attn: Circulation Dept.–Code


Advance for Health Information Professionals, a free biweekly to health information professionals:,, Merion Publications, Inc. 800, 355-5627 For The Record, a weekly for health information professionals:

Great Valley Publishing Company, 1288 Valley Forge Rd., P.O. Box 2224, Valley Forge, PA 19482. Journal of the American Health Information Management Association, Journal of AHIMA,
Journal of Healthcare Information Management, .

MT Daily Rounds,, a Friday E-mail newsletter with highlights from MT Daily and links of interest.

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6. What companies publish or sell medical dictionaries and word books and CDs?

See the Books Direct for all your reference book needs at the lowest prices.
Both the Classifieds and the Bargain page have used books at reasonable

Paul Norton sells and buys used MT books,, 800, 628-8477.

American Association for Medical Transcription, 800, 982-2182, Book of Style and word books.

Facts and Comparisons, American Drug Index, and Quarterly Drug Index, (800)223-0554 or (314)216-2100.

Health Professions Institute, Box 801, Modesto, CA 95353, 209, 551-2112,,, word books and more.

Prentice Hall,, Saddle River, NJ 07458, 800-811-0912, Fax 515-284-2607 W. B. Saunders now Elsevier,, word

books and Dorland’s.
Stedman’s of Lippincott Williams and Wilkins,”>, dictionary and word

Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia, Tarascon Publishing,, 800-929-9926, PO

Box 1159, Loma Linda, CA 92354

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7. What companies offer medical spellcheckers, electronic dictionaries, line counters, ergonomics, and other transcription equipment?

For WP5.1, books, and used equipment, see used sales at Also see, and

The Abacus line counter:

The Abacus line counter:

Health Professions Institute (HPI) publishes Vera Pyle’s Current Medical Terminology, 11th edition, in electronic format. P. O. Box 801, Modesto, CA 95353-0801. Phone (209) 551-2112; fax (209) 551- 0404, E-mail,

MedPen and MedPad, automated formats, line counter, and more, 800-579- 4300, Fax 727-579-4300, Joe Vann,, 3131 Emmaus Way, Cosby, TN 37722.

Stedman’s of Lippincott Williams and Wilkins,, 800-638-3030, 301-714- 2300, Fax: 301-824-7390, P.O. Box 1600, Hagerstown, MD 21741.

W. B. Saunders now Elsevier,
Spellex, spellchecker and online spellchecker, 800, 442-9673, 813, 885-1968,

Fax 813, 855-2581,, 8313 W. Hillsborough Ave Suite 430, Tampa, FL 33615 Sylcount and spellchecker, Sylvan Software,, 5144 N. Academy Blvd.,

#531, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, 800, 235-9455, fax 719, 495-8119, PractiCount line counter,, Practiline Software, P.O. Box 34069 #381,

Seattle, WA 98124-1069, USA, FAX: 206-984-3919,

WP Count for WordPerfect, Productive Performance,, 425, 788-8300, 31820 NE 103rd Street, Carnation, WA 98014-9710, 206-788-8300,

PC Anywhere, 9 Golden Hill St. Bethel, CT 06801 DataHand Ergonomic Keyboards,, 3032 North 33rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

85017-5247, 602-233-6000; 800-875-7171; FAX: 602-233-3434, Kinesis,, ergonomic equipment, 5657 Memorial Avenue North,

Stillwater, MN 55082, 888-881-7592, Linda Knothe, Cathy O’Brien,

Solutions for Humans, hydralic sit-stand tables and other ergonomic equipment,, 365A Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 800-9530-9262, 707-544-8000, Fax 707-522-1343,

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8. What is a C-phone? How is rerecording over the telephone done?

A C-phone is a digital receiver transcriber/phone that accesses digital dictation from another location over the phone.

Rerecording involves using a tape recorder or transcriber with recording capabilities, a speaker telephone, and an inexpensive phone coupler (such as those made by Radio Shack, http://www.radioshack.comOne method of re-recording involves using the telephone to dial into a hospital’s digital dictation system and playing the doctors’ dictations while recording them for transcription at a later time. Also see page.

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9. What companies offer abbreviation programs?

13,000 abbreviations available here at

13,000 abbreviations available here at Abbreviate!
ABCZ Speed Typing, Jonathan Knowles. Analysis of larger list of expanders:

Smartype,, Joe Weber, 617, 566-1066,, Interview, 11/98,, Click on “Smartype”.

Instant Text,, 58 Lexington Street, Burlington, MA 01803-4005, Jean Ichbiah,, 800, 355-5251, Public Forum for Instant Text Users,, Interview, 12/98.

Shorthand,, OfficeSoft LLC, 517 Cobb Court, La Puente, CA 91746,

Bytescribe Development Company’s Abbreviation Expander,,1832 Russet

Woods Lane, Birmingham, AL 35244, 205, 425-1981, TypeIt4Me for MacIntosh,

WP Expand for WP5.0, 5.1, & 6.0; Productive Performance,, 425, 788-8300, 31820 NE 103rd Street, Carnation, WA 98014-9710, 206-788-8300,

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10. Where are some of the job lists and national long-distance transcription companies?

Questions to ask companies: Job Listings
Job Listings and Resumes at MT Daily’s MT Jobs,
List of Companies by State and City,

Company Profiles for MTs,
CQI Placement Service, Carolyn Lee,, Dallas, 888-

Health Information Jobs, Home Jobs,
Monster Board Jobs,
MT Connection Placement, Susan Foreman, NationJob,

Newspaper Job Ads,

Newspaper Job Ads, National Companies

AccuStat,, Wisconsin. Melissa,

Aces UP Medical Services PO Box 384 Mason, WV 25260 323-719-3190 or Enquiries should include resume and availability along with preferred type of work, preferred amount of work, and preferred hours.

All Type, Inc., 2202 Route 130, North Brunswick, NJ 08902, 1.800.560.TYPE (8973), 732.422.4242 phone, 732.951.9333 fax, Gerry Kelly, CMT, President,

Alphascribe, Inc.,, 3377 Bethel Road SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366, 360-874-0373, Fax: 360-874-0381, Rachelle Blake,

America’s Transcription Connection, Inc., 80406 Bodine Road, Clatskanie, OR 97016

Ascend Healthcare,, 5885 Trinity Parkway, Suite 210, Centreville, VA 20120, 800-344-8347, fax 800-344-0347.

Ascriptus,, 2021 Clubhouse Drive, Suite 105 Greeley, CO 80634, (866) 330- 6600, Fax: (970) 330-4551,

Bureau of Office Services, Rich Piasecki. Burr Ridge, IL: 630-323-2600, FAX: 630-323-2601; Chicago, IL: 312-922-3342 FAX: 312-922-9290; Menomonee Falls, WI: 414-251- 7990 FAX: 414-251-6668

C and C Transcription, Inc.,, 800-785-2787 or 407-240-3213, Fax 407-438-9782, 5439 Micco Drive, Suite 101, Orlando, FL 32839,

CMT Corporation, Evelyn Graham,,, 1375 Sutter St #205, San Francisco, CA 94109, 800-656-6848.

Cobb Medical Transcription, Inc, Carol Northway, CMT, FAAMT,, Kennesaw, GA, 30144, 678-574-4445.

DataKey, Lydia Clark,, 211 Chinquapin Round Road, 1912 Forest, Annapolis, MD 21401, (410) 295-1160, Fax: (410) 295-1199

Dictation Plus, Inc., 1736 E. Sunshine, Suite 70, Springfield, MO 65804
Digital Transcription Systems, 405 948-9200, Kathy Garber,

Diskriter Health Care Solutions and Placement Service, 3257 West Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. 800, 876-4737, ext 683; fax resumes to 412, 344-4834,

DocuMedX, Seattle, WA, 800 272-5996
Double H Transcription, LLC, 1817 Lankestar Place, Yukon, Oklahoma 73099,, 1-405-265-0311, eTransplus,, 120 Donelson Pike, Suite 202, Nashville, TN 37214, 615-345-

ExecuMed, Inc., Golden, CO, 800-326-5172, Celeste Royal,

ExecuMed, Inc., Golden, CO, 800-326-5172, Celeste Royal,
Fast Chart, Inc.,, 3414 N. Duke Street, Durham, NC 27704, (800) 334-6606

Fast Transcription,, Kelly Fast, Fast Transcription, Inc., 2609 Vail Drive, Quincy, IL 62301, 217-222-7057, Fax 217-222-1057,

Gerger-Moretti Sten-Tel,, 151 S. Rose Street, Ste. 920, Kalamazoo, MI 49007, MORT1@NET-LINK.NET, 616-343-0118 or 800-536-0804.

HealthScribe,, 403 Glenn Dr. Suite 10, Sterling, VA 20164, 800-550- 1438. Robyn Baskot,

Heartland Information Services,, 3103 Executive Pkwy., Suite 600, Toledo, Ohio 43606, 800 626-3830, 419 578-6300

Huntington Transcription Services,, 1450 West Colorado Boulevard, Suite 100, Pasadena, CA 91105, 626-792-7250,

Intellitype, Los Angeles, 818, 591-7200.

Jester’s Touch,, PO Box 8028 Houston, TX 77288, 832.788.4999

JLG Medical Transcription Company, 141 Stevens Avenue, Oldsmar FL 34677 Vickie Herndon, CMT, Recruiter, 1-888-JLG-PROs (1-888-554-7767),

Key Business Solutions, Health Care Meditrans, Chester, PA, 610-368-9619, fax 603-719- 0999,, Shrini,

Keystrokes Management Corporation,, 100 Drumlin Circle, Ste 202, Concord, Ontario, Canada ON L4K3E, 1-888-539-7876

Lehocki Medical Transcription Service, 3606 Logue Road, Myakka City, FL 34251, 941-322-8303, Blondell Lehocki,

MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions, Inc.,, 3025 Breckinridge Boulevard, Suite 120, Duluth, GA 30096, 770-931-7700 or 888-249-7870, Fax 770-931-9217, Brenda Brown.

MEDGARDE,,, 703-353-5624, fax 354-5634, 5035 Backlick Rd., Annandale, VA 22003.

Medical INK, Corp., FAX 781-843-8988. Lisa Fazio,

Mediscribe, 100 Mulberry Lane, Pittsburg, PA 15235-4100, 412, 242-7575; fax 412, 242-6476

Medquist,, Five Greentree Centre, Suite 311, Marlton, NJ 08053, 800-233- 3030, (609) 596-8877 Fax (609) 596-3351. See website for regional recruiters’ E-mail. Submit resume through website.

MedRec Resources, Toms River, NJ, 732, 818-1825.
Med-Scribe Transcription Services, Inc., Louise Wolkis, R.N., 9 Foxhill Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY

10977,, 800-570-1006, Fax 914-352-6091

Med-Type, L.L.C.,, (615) 331-7299, fax 615-837-9657, 4908 Shasta Drive, Unit B, Nashville, TN 37211,

MxSecure, Inc., 16042 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032, Tel: 888-580-1010, Fax: 480-452-0823,
New England Medical Transcription, Inc., Linda Sullivan,, Maine.

Northwest Transcription Specialists,”, and, 360-675-3844, 877-477-6700 840 SE 8th Ave., Suite 204, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, Donna Hill.

Oracle Transcription, Inc. (OTI),, Rockville, MD, 301-929-9100, fax 301-929- 9275,, John Salvatore

Pacific Coast Medical Transcription, Inc., Bakersfield, CA, FAX (805)323-0737, Phoenix MedCom, Inc.,, 10 Meadow Sweet Rd., Cortlandt Manor,

NY 10567, Fax: 914-788-6767, QT Medical,

Range Medical Transcription, Inc.,, 34 South Second Ave., East, Room 208, Ely, MN 55731, 218 365-3500, Fax (218) 365-4757,, Marianne Bitter.

Rapid Text,, Fax 949-399-9216,

Rapid Transcript, Inc.,, 4311 Wilshire Boulevard #209, Los Angeles, CA 90010, 800-592-4602, 323-964-0400, Fax 323-064-0412,,,

Spheris,, 720 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste 200, Franklin, TN 37067, 800, 368- 1717

Sten-Tel Inc.,, 1 Monarch Place, Springfield MA 01144, 888-783-6835,

TBT Medical Transcription Service,, Winchester, TN 37398. Phone: 931-649-3254

Transcend Services,, 3353 Peachtree Road, Suite 1000, Atlanda, GA 30326, 800, 225-7552, Fax 404, 364-8009.

Transcription Solutions, Inc., TSI,, Houston, TX; 888, 454-4560, Fax 281-454-4093,

Transolutions, Brenda Drake,, 18 N. Waukegan Rd., Ste. 100, Lake Bluff, IL 60044, 888-286-8340, Fax 847-234-3471.

TrueScribe, 4340 E. Indian School Rd #21-146, Phoenix, AZ 85018, Tel. 623-640-6776, Tel. 888-200- 9150, ext 225, Fax 602-926-1414,,

Vasant Scribes,
VRcom Corporation, P.O. Box 56041, Jacksonville, FL 32241-6041, Glenda,,

904-260-0642, Fax 904-260-8181,

Western Medical Management,, Doug Meier, WY,, WorldTech USA,, 605 E. 4th Street, Suite 203, Odessa, TX 79761,

WorldTech USA,, 605 E. 4th Street, Suite 203, Odessa, TX 79761,

Worldwide Dictation,, Northway Medical Center, 944 N. Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701, Doug Ofner,, 800, 442-5993

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11. What companies hire new MTs?

Very few, best start is with local contacts.
MedWare, Emergency Room Transcription, Karen Dual, Director of Human Resources, 1-800-881-

3131. Don Flannery,
Medi-Scribe, P.O. Box 31651, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, 925-689-

2617,, Carol Rowan
TransQuick (Rodeer), Atlanta and Phoenix areas, local. 4848 Riverdale Rd, Atlanta, GA 30337, 770 991


Rapid Transcript, 800-592-4602 or 213-964-0400 (ask for Ora or Cris), Fax 213-964-0412. 4311 Wilshire Blvd. #209, Los Angeles, CA 90010-3716, Attn: Resource Management. or

InHealth Transcription Service,; Atlanta, GA, Samuel Edelman, 1-800-477-7374 Fax: 770-394-2183. New MTs are only hired locally in Atlanta.

Also see list of MT companies by city,

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12. What companies sell dictation and transcription equipment, including digital equipment?

Used equipment ads and auction on MT Daily
All-Makes Office Machines,, 150 West 24th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007,

Tel: 213-749-7483, FAX:
Arrendale Associates,, 800, 344-1323, 20484G Chartwell Center Drive,

Cornelius, NC 28031.
Atlas Ergonomic Book and Copy Holders,, 800-get-atlas, Cincinnati, OH,

Auction Supersite,, Auction Supersite

Barclay Enterprises,

Bob’s PC Werks,, 504 Bishop Avenue, Richardson, TX 75081, 214-763- 3768, 877-320-1241

BVP Computers, (Bargain C-phone), 113 Grant Street, Plainfield, Ma. 01070, 413, 634-2187, Bruce Stockwell,

Bytescribe Development Company, digital equipment,, P. O. Box 36183, Birmingham, AL 35236, 205, 425-1981 Ext. 4412,

Birmingham, AL 35236, 205, 425-1981 Ext. 4412,
Careflow Net,, 15215 Edwards Ferry Road, Poolesville, Maryland 20837,


Catalyst Systems,, 405, 943-1655, fax 405, 943-1655, P. O. Box 57210, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-7210,,p> Cooperative Systems,, 998 Farmington Ave., #101, West Hartford, CT 06107-2162, 860-523-1000, fax 860-523-1032,

Costal Audio,, 609-660-9211, Fax: 609-660-2131, 888-660-9211,

Dictaphone,, 888-483-6266.
Dictation Buddy:, 4 Geranium Court, Richmond Hill,

ON, Canada, L4C 7M7, 905-686-2285
Dictation Depot:

Dictation Store:, 877-894-7333, Scott Stuckey, scott.stuckey@digital-

Dictronics,, Jim Harrington 781-444-2010 Ext. 550,, fax 781-433-7155, 110 Gould St., Needham, MA 02192.

Digital Accessories, 1-800-578-6854. Digital transcriber stations compatible with Dictaphone, DVI, and VDI.

Diskriter,, 3257 West Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 800, 876-4737, Fax 412, 344-4834,

Dolbey Systems, 800, 878-7828
DVI,, 417, 781-0717, Fax 417, 781-2589,

Electronic Communications Systems,, 4760 Mission Gorge Place, Ste. B, San Diego, CA 92120, 619-287-2000, Fax 619-287-2139,

Executive Communication Systems, new and used equipment,, 1445 Donlon Street, Suite 1, Ventura, CA 93003 USA, (800) 644-9525 ext. 101, (888) 644-6979 fax, Tom Wilkes,

FutureNet Technologies Corporation,, Internet dictation service provider, digital equipment, 222 East Huntington Dr., Suite 208, Monrovia, CA 91017, 800-923-4258, 626-357-5032, Mary Patterson

Graymar,, Philips Speech Processing, dictation equipment.
Hilgraeve Inc., DropChute products,, 111 Conant Avenue, Suite A, Monroe,

MI 48161, 800, 826-2760,
Horus Development,, digital rerecorder, Red Notebook word list.

HTH Engineering, Inc.,,825 Cypress Trails Dr., Tarpon Springs, FL 34688 USA, 866-254-0714, FAX 810-821-6940

Infoware, Inc., 601-853-2301, 601-605-2152 (fax),

Infoware, Inc., 601-853-2301, 601-605-2152 (fax),

Internet Strategies, Webscription,

Pretty Good Privacy encrpytion for E-mail,

Novastor for E-mail encryption software,,, 805-579- 6700, Fax 805-579-6710, 80B West Cochran, Simi Valley, CA 93065.

Ronald Isabelle buys and sells used transcribers, 2623 McKann Avenue, Norfolk VA 23509, (757) 853- 0362,

R. T. King Co.,, new and used equipment, 2971 Plaza Del Amo, Torrance, CA 90503, 213, 747-0194,

Lanier,, 800-708-7088, or 800-526-4371, Fax: 1-800-252-9703, Lanier Inquiry Services, P.O. Box 785, Dayton, OH 45401.

Live Message America Smartset transcribe station,, 866-LMA-0000,

Martel Electronics, Discount,,, 800- 553-5536, 714-572-0180, 714-572-0183 fax, 2013 Miraloma, Placentia, CA 92670

Narratek,, Joe Weber, 617, 566-1066

Norcom Electronics Corp., Trumbull, Connecticut, 877-722-7551,

Office Depot,, sells a $30 Sony transcriber.

Office Direct,, 123 West Madison, Suite 402, Chicago, IL 60602, 312/739-0703, 312/739-0727,

Olympus Company,, 800, 622-6372
PC Dart, C-phone compatible with Lanier, Dick Cummins, 800, 563-5418.

Programming Resources, Inc. (PRI), 4711 Trousdale Dr.; #124 Nashville, TN 37220,, 800-497-5281

Tek Discount Warehouse,, 888-262-8272.
ToppCopy/Copyfax,, 1110 Saginaw Street, Scranton, PA

18505,,, 1.888.834.2392, International 1.540.582.5844, FAX 1.540.582.8095

Van Belkum,, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1-800-968-2740
Voice Network Systems, VoiceFlow,, 3420 Pump Road, #201|

Richmond, VA 23233 | (800) 380-7370.
Voice Systems, 800-327-5065, digital transcribers compatible with Dictaphone and DVI.

VoiceWave, Boston Bar Systems Corp.,, Unit #23 – 7695 Saint Albans Street, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6Y 3W8, 604-303-9876, Fax 604-279-9265,

VSI, Voice Systems Integration (interfaces for digital systems),, 816-741-1954,

VSI, Voice Systems Integration (interfaces for digital systems),, 816-741-1954,, 6100 NW 77th Street, Kansas City, MO 64151, 816-741-1954


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13. What are the services that help MT companies find new accounts, or help hospitals and clinics and doctors’ offices find MT services?

See #29, TASPS

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14. What books are needed to do medical transcription?

An English dictionary, a grammar and style guide, a complete medical dictionary, a drug index, a laboratory and pathology word book, a medical word book by specialty, a surgery word book, a medical abbreviation word book, other specialty word books and a physician directory.

A few medical books that are used by MTs are in the following list:
2000 American Drug Index by Billups, by Facts and Comparisons, sold through Stedman’s Saunders’ Pharmaceutical Drug Book by Drake & Drake
Quick-Look Drug Book
The Medical Word Book by Sloane, 3rd Edition, Saunders
Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language by Gramercy Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary,Saunders
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
Stedman’s Radiology and Oncology Words
Stedman’s Dermatology and Immunology Words
Stedman’s Orthopedic and Rehab Words
Word Book in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine by Sloane/Dusseau, Saunders
The Medical and Health Sciences Word Book
The Surgical Word Book by Tessier, Saunders
Current Medical Terminology by Vera Pyle
Medical Abbreviations by Neal M. Davis
Stedman’s Abbreviations, Anacronyms, and Symbols
Saunders’ Abbreviations
Cardiology Words and Phrases by HPI
Stedman’s OB-GYN Words
American Psychiatric Glossary by American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
The Herb Book by John Lust
And many more

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15. What E-mail listservs are available?

Jan Revell’s MT Students’ List, See for instructions.

Jill Elliott’s MT Students’ Newsletter,

Jill Elliott’s MT Students’ Newsletter, Health Information Management: HIM-L list, Put “help” in subject line for


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16. Where can I find the E-mail addresses of MTs?, E-mail Directory by state, Registration required.

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17. Where can I find a list of the web sites of MTs?

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18. Where can I find new medical terms for MTs on the web?

MTDaily’s New Terms board, updated weekly., Registration required.

HPI’s Current Terms, every two weeks,
MT Daily Word Board,, Registration required.
Johns Hopkins Resources,
MT Daily Links Board,, Registration required.
Center Watch Clinical Trials,
NMTC Listserv Archives, Rx List,

Yahoo By Specialties, Taber’s Online Dictionary,


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19. Where can I buy practice dictation tapes?

Used tapes are sometimes sold at
Absolute Experience, 12 practice tapes,, HomEx

Medical, P. O. Box 637, Hampstead, MD 21074
Meditech, Inc., http://www.meditec.com157 Kaysville, UT 84037, 801, 451-9848, Jari Davis, Interview,


Precisely Write tapes:
The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training,, developed by

Health Professions Institute, P. O. Box 801, Modesto, CA 95353-0801. Phone (209) 551-2112; fax (209) 551-0404, Other web site:

AAMT, The American Association for Medical Transcription,,, P.O. Box 576187, Modesto, CA 95357-6187; 800, 982-2182. Fax: 209, 551-9317.

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20. Where can I find websites with business information?

Business Resource Center, Small Business Resource Links,
ICD-9 Codes,

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21. Where can I find physicians’ names and addresses?

Physicians’ Address
Active Health Management
Call A Doctor in Atlanta GA
Directory of Physician Groups and Networks DocSearch – Bringing Doctor and Patient Together
Doctors Infoseek
Doctors Who’s Who
The Good Doctor
Hospital Directory
Internet based medical information and web-sites Investigate Your Doctor
Med Locator
MedNA – Doctor’s Yellow Pages
Mesothelioma Treatment Facilities
The Philadelphia Medical Mall
Questionable Doctors
World Medics

AMA Physician Search, Doctor Directory,
The Big Book,
Zip Codes PhoneDisc, $60,


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22. What are the cheapest long-distance rates?, ADSL Lines, T1s, etc., David Morken, 435-615-1893. Comparisons of long-distance rates, ABTolls
Laura Thiele,,

Vickie Herndon,
Vicki Stinnett,,

Rate Calculator:

Betty Young,,

Planet Earth,

Cable and Wireless,

Big Zoo, 3.9c per minute prepaid. When using with digital dictation, avoid # as it terminates call.

Clear Choice, 10-10-636, 5c per minute interstate. 800-380-0546.

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23. Where are practice tests found on the web?

Typing Speed Test, Comprehensive Skills Assessment,

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24. Where can I find sticky transcription labels?

Forms and Filing Systems, Dennis Corbin,, 800, 472-0171, fax 706, 802-1880,

Handeze Gloves,, 800-686-1722, Fax 203-269-5307.
March and Green, P. O. Box 155, Wayne, IL 60184,, 800, 447-6004.

Medical Arts Press, Office Management Supplies, 8500 Wyoming Avenue N., Minneapolis, MN 55445, 800-826-6706, Fax 800-328-0023.

Pat Systems,, 3929 Parkside Place, Flower Mound, TX 75022-4792, 800, 543-1911, Sticky Paper and Softflex Computer Gloves.

Quill Corp.,,

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25. What are the transcription software programs?

ChartScript, Softmed,, (also see Innovative Health Systems,, 1-800-695-4447), 6610 Rockledge Drive, Suite 500, Bethesda, MD 20817-1809, 301-897-3400, fax 301-897-3409,

Eloquently Stated,, 205 Worth Avenue, Suite 308, Palm Beach, FL 33480 USA, Phone: 561.835.4900, Toll Free: 1.800.245.2133, Fax: 561-835-4901,

MedRite, Crescendo,, 5305 Notre Dame West #200, Laval, Quebec, Canada H7W 4T8, 1-800-724-2930, 450-973-8029, Fax: 450-973 – 4449,

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26. Where can I find MT Consultants and Investors?

Margery Hinman, CMT, 460 McLaws Circle, Williamsburg, VA 23185 877-336-8222

PRN Funding,, Phil Cohen, 3659 Green Road, Suite 217, Cleveland, OH 44122,(216) 504-1000, fax (216) 504-1002.

Transcription Project Consulting, Adrienne C. Yazijian,

Patricia “Trish” Merrill, President, OSOLOT Consulting, Inc., 2247 S. Eagle Street, Aurora, CO 80014, 303-337-0093, 303-337-0116, 303-617-3152,,

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27. Where are there some work-at-home websites?

Talk Home Business, Modem Moms Working Moms WWWomen: Business Works from Home Small Business Advisor

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28. What are some health information sites?

Dr. Koop
Health Links
Healthlinks Medical Resource Center OnHealth

Medsite WebMD

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29. What are the TASPS? (transcription application service providers)

TASP Board:, Registration required.

My Docs Online: Cooperative Systems:
Cybertranscriber (Speech Machines) with MedSite: DoctorSurf:

Dr. MT
iDigital: Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=IDIG0
MyDigitalVoice: R-TAS Systems:
WebMD: Zydoc:

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30. What health insurance is available for self-employed MTs?, Dental, Prescription, Chiropractic, and other insurance. 31. What are the services that help MT companies find new accounts, or help hospitals and

clinics and doctors’ offices find MT services?

32. What are the major MT networking websites?,,, 140 Yahoo MT group discussions:, AOL, newsgroup, AAMT Forums, and more.

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