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Welcome to the future of work, where office walls have disappeared, commutes are a thing of the past, and flexibility reigns. At Virtual Office Temps / Virtual Assistant Jobs (VOT), we’re all about making remote work accessible and exciting. Imagine a workday where your office is wherever you want it to be, and your commute is from your cozy bed to your home office (or your favorite coffee shop). VOT has been connecting remote and virtual work-from-home opportunities with job seekers since 1998. We’re one of the pioneers and the longest-lasting remote employment service online. Our mission is to make remote work safe, accessible, and hassle-free. With VOT, finding your dream remote job or the perfect virtual assistant is as easy as a few clicks.

Connecting Job Seekers and Employers

VOT is where job seekers and employers meet. Job seekers, it’s free to join us! We offer thousands of job opportunities, from entry-level to advanced positions. Employers can explore over 500,000 virtual assistant profiles in our directory, showcasing their skills and experiences, find the perfect match, and contact them directly. No middleman!

Virtual Assistants can get listed in our directory for free! All you need is a portfolio of your work on online resume that details your skills and services you can provide.

Don’t have a website? No problem! Easy DIY Websites solutions are available. Simply drop and drag to set up your virtual assistant website and then add it to our directory. You’ll then be connected with hiring managers and can apply to any job with one easy click.

Discover Remote Work from Home

We’re passionate about the power of remote work, and we’ve made it our mission to connect job seekers with thousands of employers offering a diverse range of work-from-home opportunities. Whether you’re taking your first steps in your career or seeking advanced positions, VOT VirtualAssistantJobs has your back. Our platform boasts a multitude of options, including full and part-time roles, long and short-term positions (both permanent and temporary), and exciting freelance gigs.

For businesses, entrepreneurs, and hiring managers in need of office, administrative, web, or customer support, VOT VirtualAssistantJobs is your gateway to affordable, top-tier talent. In an era where remote work has become the standard, virtual assistants emerge as the driving force behind streamlined operations. Think of them as your trusty sidekicks, always ready to leap into action when your to-do list feels overwhelming. These versatile virtuosos are highly skilled experts who work remotely, offering a wide array of support services including email management and scheduling, digital marketing, admin management, graphic design, anymore. No matter what you need, VOT is here to help you find the perfect professional to ensure your business thrives in today’s marketplace.

Get Started with VOT

The best part of VOT? It won’t cost you a dime to join our community. Virtual Assistant job seekers can register here for free. Employers, find your perfect virtual assistant by registering for access to our Virtual Assistant Directory.