The VOT Bootcamp program is designed to kickstart your virtual assistant career by helping you learn the basics that will get you hired.


How The Free Bootcamp Works

This free course will provide all the industry secrets that will help you get started as a virtual assistant. These strategies will show you how to find a legitimate home based VA job and beat out the competition to get hired. There is no fee! Upon completion of the program you will earn an official VA Badge that you may display on your resume or website.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use VOT to find virtual jobs and projects that are hiring today
  • What information employers are looking for from job seekers
  • What tools and resources you need to list on your resume
  • How to create a simple and free VA profile that will get you hired

Earn Your Official VOT Badge!

After you complete our bootcamp you will earn the VOT Bootcamp Badge which you can display on your resume, in your online profile and on your website to show employers that you have completed our basic training that qualifies you for a virtual assistant job.